Exhibitor and visitor companies profile includes, but not limited to, the following domains of the industry.

  • Government Authorities.
  • Exploration Geophysics and Geology

  • Drilling & Well Servicing 

  • Oil Field & Gas Field Equipment & Services

  • Process & Engineering Design (front end &detailed) for the Followings:

  • Oil & gas fields production, treatment and disposal

  • Refining, Gas Processing, gas liquefaction and Petrochemicals

  • Transportation pipelines systems for oil, raw gas, and all products therefrom

  • Manufacture of all relevant equipment (pressure vessels, pumps .gas compressors. heaters, exchangers, valves, meters, storage tanks for oil and products, & line pipe of all sizes and grades etc.

  • Instrumentation ,measurements ,automation and control

  • Tools & electro-power equipment

  • Procurement and supply services Construction (prefabricated, onsite,& related equipment)

  • Retail & distribution services

  • Human Resources development

  • Logistics & Security

  • Information technology

  • Laboratory Equipment

  • Laws regulations

  • HSE 




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